ezPLAY Service FAQ

1. General Information

Q1: What is ezPLAY?

A1: ezPLAY is a platform that allows anyone to easily play HTML5-based web games. By using social login, users can save their game progress, save a list of games they liked (heart button), and easily find games they previously played.

2. Account and Login

Q2: How do I log in to ezPLAY?

A2: ezPLAY supports login through Google and Apple social accounts (o-auth). Most services can be used without logging in, but logging in is required to save your game and account data.

Q3: How do I connect a wallet on ezPLAY?

A3: Connecting a wallet is necessary for the Web3 feature, Tournament Match. Due to national regulations, wallet connections are restricted in some countries (South Korea, China, Hong Kong). We primarily support MetaMask, and other browser wallets are also supported. Each social account can only be linked to one wallet.

3. Web3 and Tournament Matches

Q4: How do I participate in Tournament Matches?

A4: To participate in Tournament Matches, you need to connect a wallet and purchase tickets. Tickets can only be bought with Web3 currency, specifically the PDA on PlayDapp token.

Q5: How do I purchase tickets?

A5: Tickets can be purchased with the PDA on PlayDapp token, an ERC-20 currency issued on the Ethereum network. These tokens can be transferred to the PlayDapp mainnet via the PlayDapp Bridge service.

4. Rewards and Currency

Q6: How are Tournament Match rewards distributed?

A6: Tournament Match rewards are distributed in-game as ezPoints.

Q7: How can I use ezPoints?

A7: Users can transfer their ezPoints to receive PDA on PlayDapp tokens. By clicking the 'Transfer' button in their holdings, a smart contract is executed, and within 5 minutes, the PDA tokens will be transferred to the connected wallet.

5. Additional Information

Q8: Where can I find information about account management and refund policies?

A8: For detailed information about account management and refund policies, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Q9: How can I get customer support?

A9: For customer support, please visit our Customer Support page.